When you go to the doctor, the doctor may order a blood test, even if there’s nothing particularly wrong with you. These tests are meant to check for developing, silent problems and treat them before they become major problems. Blood tests are necessary in pets for many of the same reasons, and for one additional reason: unlike humans, pets can’t tell the doctor if something is wrong.

What We Test For

Camvet has the latest in-house pathology lab allowing us to perform tests and get results quicker. If we order a blood test for your pet, we can be testing for any number of things. Here are just a few of the reasons why we might be ordering a test:

  • To check the function of the internal organs, including the liver, kidneys and pancreas
  • To check how the immune system is functioning
  • To test the white & red blood cells, giving information about hydration, anaemia, inflammation or infection
  • To check for certain breed-specific diseases
  • To stimulate or suppress a certain organ’s function
  • To check for certain enzymes that indicate muscle damage or other problems
  • To identify problems that might appear if the pet is placed under anaesthesia
  • And more

Because pets age much more quickly than humans, we usually recommend a yearly blood screening to keep an eye on how their internal organs are functioning. We may also recommend a blood test if we suspect your pet has a certain disease or to rule out some diseases.

Taking the Test

It’s very easy for us to take a blood draw from your pet. First, our vet will clip a small amount of hair from a leg or your pet’s neck. We’ll then sterilise the area using an alcoholic swab. From there, it’s one quick jab with a needle to collect a small amount of blood, maybe a bandage to stop bruising, and your pet will be all set! Pets don’t seem to feel or mind needle jabs the way we do, so don’t worry too much about your pet being frightened or uncomfortable.

We will often order a blood test during the course of a regular consultation, though we might have to remove the pet from the room in order to carry out the test. So whether it’s time for your pet’s yearly check-up or you suspect something may be wrong, let us handle it. Contact us today to set an appointment.